Testmonials Volunteers of Faith Fire

Here our testmonials:

I arrived very late into Accra airport to be greeted by Mr Agbozo (headmaster) and one of the other organisers. I had issues with getting money out of the cash machines to gain my visa and the organiser kindly lent me the money (sort your visa out before arriving). As it was so late a Christian family friend of theirs put me up for the night, which was very kind. When I arrived at the property the following day, Mrs Agbozo was very accommodating and prepared me a meal. However as the food is so different over in Ghana, I would recommend eating basic bland food to begin with so that your stomach gets used to the difference (rice,pasta)

I shared a bedroom with another volunteer from Australia. The bedroom was very nice and we had are own beds. The shower is a basic concrete room with a hole for the water, a curtain which they share with others so make sure you take a costume and flip flops. You will need to collect the water in a bucket from the kitchen for the shower. The toilet as expected is a hole in the ground With a door and concrete wall.

I did a couple of things whilst volunteering. Myself and the other volunteer worked hard to paint the orphanage so that the children had a brighter room to come home to, we also spent a lot of time with these children who were the loveliest children and so helpful. They couldn’t do enough for you. I also taught at the school. The children can be difficult and wild so they need a lot of structure. As you can imagine stationary is in short supply so please help the school with pencils, books etc.

Over the weekend our hosts took us into Accra, church and to see the sights.
The experience was a real eye opener in many different ways.

Thank you for the experience and I hope the school grows in strength with help from volunteers.

Anna Rees (teacher from Oxfordshire), sie war bei Faith & Fire, Ghana.

My name is Jasmin and i am ordinary Swiss girl. i visited this school and orphanage twice and i always felt very safe and they took very good care of me. The kids welcomed me in their big family, Mr. Agbozo hired a woman to prepare meals for me and my friend everyday, they now even have running water and a toilet. sanitary is of course not like it is in Switzerland, but they tried their best to make us feel comfortable. Mr. Agbozo was willing to show us around in all of Ghana, took us to church, to the market and always made such we were safe and well. He is a very responsible and kind person. He took us from the airport, organised a save place to stay and accompanied us all the way to Twifu Praso. I would recommend this trip to everyone who would like to visit Africa and also want to do some voluntary work. it’s is a safe and also fulfilling journey.

Jasmin from Switzerland