Faith and Fire and Heavenly Home International School is a non – profit making institution that seeks to provide better, quality and affordable education to students. The school is sited at Twifo Darmang, a suburb of Twifo Praso in the Central Region of Ghana. We at Faith and Fire and Heavenly Home International School believe that every child has a God given talent which ought to be unearthed for its full utilization for the benefits of their communities, country and the world at large. These things can enable a child realize his or her dreams and become great assets to the country. But there are certain hindrances that most often than not suppress such talents in children especially in our part of the country.

Lack of an enabling environment and not having the right education are some of the factors that impede the development of these young talents. Faith and Fire and Heavenly Home International seek to provide an atmosphere that is devoid of all these menace so that every growing child that pass through our hands is not deprived of the avenue and the opportunity to develop his or her potentials, as the adage goes, “knowledge lies it utilization and not its accumulation”.

Just like any other institution, Faith and Fire and Heavenly Home International School has its challenges that confront it. Since the school does not aim at making gains out of its operations but rather to make quality education accessible to all, we have to award certain scholarships to certain students who may be in need and cannot pay their fees.

This, at times declines the finances of the school making it difficult to even pay its workers.
This is a major hindrance to the realization of some of our visions and aims. Also, the school lack the acceptable standard of structures needed for its operations such as the classroom blocks.

We will humbly propose an amount of thirty thousand, three hundred and nineteen Euros twenty – two (£30,319.22) which will be used for the rehabilitation of our classroom blocks into the acceptable standards. This amount will be used for eleven classroom structures in the school. This will go a long way to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning as these unacceptable structures adversely affect academic work in the school. It will also create a conducive atmosphere that will make learning more attractive and encouraging.
We hope this proposal will be granted necessary consideration.