Cacoa Tourism – our project for tourists

We invite you to visit Ghana the most beautiful place on earth and see our people. Ghana is a very important producer of Cacoa and in our region are a lot of Cocao Farmers. That‘s the reason we put information about this idea of tourism.

You will live in our guest house, which is just on the other side of the road and will make some visits to Cacoa farmers. The farmers live in the forests and you stay with them, see their work and learn a lot of Cacao.

Maybe you better understand our people and we understand better you. After meeting the Cacoa Farmers and see there living, we invite you to a tour through Ghana. Our goal is that we will have travelguides, who can show you Ghana. There is a great future for tourism in our wonderful country.

Also some people get work and learn the country better known. Tourism is a Win Win situation, especially if the tourist have time and there will be friendship with the travelguide.

Mr. Stephan Zurfluh visit our region for some day and we agreed to work together on the project. It‘s good for our school, it‘s good for the future of the young people.

We organise the Cacoa Tourism in cooperation with following Swiss travel company:

Stephan Zurfluh
Altenburgstr. 5
CH-5430 Wettingen

Telephone +41 56 426 54 30

Mr. Stephan Zurfluh create a website for Cacoa tourism, it‘s in German: